Family Takeaway with JUST EAT ♥

At the end of last week I decided to treat my parents to a takeaway meal, which is something we don’t do very often, so we were really looking forward to it! I think it’s always nice to have a ‘special’ dinner with family where you can all sit around at the table together, share food, and chat away all evening.
I used the JUST EAT Android app to place my takeaway order, which was surprisingly simple and quick to use. I hadn’t placed an order on the app before, and as I live quite rurally, I was really surprised by how many takeaways were local to me, and the app enabled me to search through the menus of those nearest to me. We fancied something spicy, so we decided to filter the results down to Indian cuisine and then found a lovely local restaurant which had great reviews and good prices plus an extra 20% off and free delivery!
Once we’d settled on the restaurant, placing the order was so easy and quite fun too. We all gathered around and picked which items from each category that we wanted to order and then just added them to our ‘basket’. Once we’d finished picking out our yummy dished we were given an estimated time of arrival and we then ‘checked out’, just like on any other online shopping website. You can pay cash on arrival or by credit card (which saves finding the change when they come to the door!). I was sent a confirmation email straight through to my inbox and the food arrived just on time! 
It was amazingly delicious and we’ll definitely be ordering from them again! I ordered the dupiaza chicken curry with thick sauce and onions, Bombay potatoes, and a garlic naan. My Mum and Dad shared a chilli naan (hot hot!), a prawn side dish, saag aloo potatoes, chicken bhuna, and a garlic and ginger chicken curry. We made our own rice at home, so the total came to only £24.96 for three main dishes, three sides, and two naans! Yum!
Family Takeaway with JUST EAT ♥
Family Takeaway with JUST EAT ♥
Family Takeaway with JUST EAT ♥
Family Takeaway with JUST EAT ♥
Family Takeaway with JUST EAT ♥
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  1. March 25, 2015 / 10:57 pm

    My fave food! We love and use Just Eat too in Canada. It is excellent!

  2. March 25, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    I love just eat, always use it, and that food looks amazing, its been a while since ive had an indian.

  3. March 28, 2015 / 5:03 pm

    my favourite thing about just eat? if you're boring like me and my bf you can just reorder the exact same take away with one click. 🙂

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

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