My Blogging Workspace ♥

I was recently asked by Dell to create a blog post on my workspace and where I blog from.  I like to be comfy so I don’t blog from a desk; you’ll find me tucked up in bed with my laptop resting on my knees!  So I like to make sure my bedroom is nice and cosy as I like to be in a homely environment when I do my blogging. Switch on the fairy lights, light the scented candle and I’m in heaven! Snacks too please..
My Blogging Workspace ♥
I tend to do my photography over the weekends when I can get a good amount of daylight, and then I type up my blog posts in the evenings throughout the week.  Although lately I have been falling behind a little bit!  But I do still enjoy getting cosy in my bed in my PJ’s and blogging away whilst watching Netflix. My laptop is a couple of years old now but I specifically wanted a white one to match my decor (how sad) and I got a pretty vinyl decor sticker made to put on it too!
My Blogging Workspace ♥My Blogging Workspace ♥

To get myself comfy in bed, I have lots of pretty cushions spread out
(the cupcake one is my favourite!) and the cat usually joins me too. He
has his own little bed at the foot of my bed actually, but he prefers to
sit by my side! He also likes to head butt my monitor, walk all over
the keyboard, and lay in front of the screen whilst I’m trying to blog.
Helpful kitty!
I like to get inspired by browsing Instagram and Bloglovin and checking out lots of great bloggers. I tend to write down and ideas I get or inspiration in a little notebook and then keep on adding to it. I can be a bit forgetful at times too so I like to jot down little reminders, and when I’m busy I write myself a little schedule with all my deadlines.. it’s always good to keep organised!

I hope you’re enjoyed taking a peek into my blogging workspace!

My Blogging Workspace ♥My Blogging Workspace ♥
 * This post has been written in collaboration with Dell.
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