Introducing Smartbond at Regis Salons

I was recently invited by Regis Salons to try out the new Smartbond treatment from L’Oreal. As a Milton Keynes blogger, I popped along to my local salon at The Centre:MK. This new system (similar to Olaplex) protects and strengthens the hair during colouring so it’s left smooth, soft, shiny, and not damaged.I was interested to try this new treatment as my hair was previously left lifeless from using bleach and colourants, and I wanted to put some shine back into it!

Ombre hair with Smartbond at Regis Salon Ombre hair with Smartbond at Regis Salon

Smartbond Colour Bonding

The system consists of 3 components; the first 2 being used in salon and the 3rd one at home:

Step 1 – The first step is done in the salon. They put the additive into the colour or bleach being used, and this protects and strengthens the hair during the colour process.

Step 2 – The pre-shampoo is applied onto the hair after rinsing away the colour or bleach in the salon. This shampoo helps to rinse away all chemicals added from the first step.

Step 3 – The final step is the conditioner which can be applied at home. It should be used every 3 shampoos and this helps to continuously strengthen the hair fibres and keep your hair salon shiny even at home.

On my visit to the salon, I requested that the bleach that was already in my hair be disguised a bit as it was too much and wasn’t doing anything for me. Therefore I had a dark brown semi permanent dye put on my roots, and then from about half way down my stylist blended some golden blonde into the ends to give it a more ombre look.
I was really happy with the colour, and I’m really glad that my hair is no longer a brassy orange colour! The Smartbond treatment didn’t take any additional time except for a 10 minute wait whilst the pre-shampoo works its magic.
The whole process was nice and quick and left my hair very shiny and soft once it had been blow dried. I also love the loose waves the stylist gave me! I now have to use the Step 3 product every 3 washes to ensure that my hair stays salon perfect for as long as possible.


L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Salon
L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Salon
Smartbond costs an additional £5 in Regis when you’re having a colour done, or £15 for just the treatment without a colour. You can then purchase the final step to take home in the salon, or alternately it is available to buy online. You can find out more about colour bonding at Regis Salons here.

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  1. June 16, 2017 / 5:43 pm

    your hair is sooo lovely, love the colour xx

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