Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Earlier this month I went on a little girly trip away with blogger pals Terri and Charl to the wonderful city of Prague. Our other bloggy friend Tereza is Czech and when she moved back home last year after living in the UK for a few years we always promised we’d go to the Czech Republic to visit her!

Tereza lives in an amazing, super-stylish apartment in central Prague but as we didn’t want the three of us to invade her living room for three whole days, we decided to book ourselves into an apartment nearby. Originally we booked a place through Airbnb but unfortunately we had a last minute disaster as the host cancelled our booking. We obviously got our money back but at this point there weren’t any other suitable rooms left on Airbnb for our price range; we only wanted something basic but the location was important.

Luckily Clickstay came to our rescue and offered us a discount on a booking with them! They’re very similar to Airbnb as hosts can let out their holiday homes in over 80 countries around the world. We managed to find a Clicktay apartment in Prague with availability on our dates in the perfect location and within our budget.

Read on to find out what we got up to on our city break to Prague… but beware, it’s a long one!

Blogger City Break to Prague

Day 1


We arrived at Prague Airport around 5pm and Tereza came to greet us and helped us find our way to the city centre. The airport is on the outskirts of the city, so we got a bus and a metro into central Prague which took around 45 minutes. Transport in Prague is so cheap and efficient, it completely puts the UK to shame. We used the metro a few times throughout our trip and services were frequent and always on time; we were never left waiting long.

Pricing is cheap and simple too; it costs about £1 for 90 minutes of transport or if you’re staying for a few days you can pay £10 for 3 days unlimited use of the metro, tram, bus and train. You can buy your ticket from a machine at the start of your trip and then that’s you sorted for all of your journeys throughout Prague!

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague


Once we arrived in central Prague we walked to our apartment which luckily was located close to all the local bars and restaurants and also just down the road from Tereza’s! Checking in was easy; before we arrived I was emailed a code to access the block we were in and then the key was waiting for us in a locked box which I was also emailed the code to.

We were surprised by how spacious our apartment was; it had a big airy living room with a huge sofa, TV and a double bed, another large bedroom with a double bed plus a bunk bed, two bathrooms and a kitchen. It was the perfect base for the three of us to stay in for our city break and it was well equipped with everything we would need including Wi-Fi. The location was ideal as it wasn’t far from the tram stops and lots of places were within walking distance. I believe the district we stayed in is called ‘Prague 1’ which is the most central area of Prague, so if you’re visiting this is the area you want to be in!

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague  Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague  Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Dinner at Tereza’s

That evening we went to Tereza’s place for dinner as she cooked us up some proper authentic Czech grub. The meal started with prdelačka (pig blood soup) which was actually nicer than it sounds and surprisingly I did actually enjoy it! We also tried traditional Czech lard and some raw sausage meat and raw onions on bread, and then the main course was hearts and liver which although I bravely tried, I was not a huge fan of! But still.. you’ve got to try the local foods when you’re away! Tereza’s apartment is so gorgeous and spacious and she’s done a really good job of making it homely. I also finally got to meet her gorgeous kitties Cookie and Pippin!

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague  Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

The Fear House

After dinner we walked about 10 minutes over to The Fear House which is a really cool Halloween themed cocktail bar! It was kind of cheesy and although it tried to be a ‘haunted house’ it wasn’t very authentic, but admittedly was quite cool. The cocktail menu was obviously all horror themed and I picked a drink which came in a dainty teapot with a little teacup which had an eyeball in! It was named ‘Come to Play!’ and it was made up of raspberry schnapps with liquid nitrogen smoke coming out of the teapot spout! Drinks were about £6 each so not super cheap, but it was quite an experience and something different.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Day 2

Breakfast at Café Louvre

We started our Thursday morning with breakfast at Café Louvre which is a famous grand Parisian style café which Albert Einstein frequented during his stay in Prague in 1911. Apparently it’s quite a popular place with tourists and locals alike, but from the outside the building is very unassuming and you probably wouldn’t even notice it, but once inside you can admire the gorgeous art nouveau décor. The menu is available in English which was a bonus for us, however some words don’t seem to easily translate from Czech to English so you couldn’t be 100% certain what exactly you were going to get!

The breakfast menu had plenty of choices including some set breakfasts which myself and Terri decided to go for. I had the ‘Czech’ breakfast which came with a tiny fresh pressed orange juice, ham, Czech cheeses, a boiled egg, a slice of apple cake, and fresh creamy cheese which in total came to around £4.80. Terri opted for the ‘Hangover’ set breakfast which came with a glass of beer and a beef goulash with a sausage and plenty of horseradish (Terri loves ordering the most bizarre thing from any menu). This place is a must see if you’re visiting Prague for the charming atmosphere and great breakfasts!

Travel: Blogger City Break to PragueTravel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Walking around Prague

Once we had full bellies we spent the rest of the day walking around Prague and enjoying the many sights to see. We walked across the bridge over to Kampa Island which is very picturesque, and as you can imagine as a group of four bloggers, lots of photos were taken! We also walked up to the Lennon wall which since the 1980s has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles’ songs, although nowadays it’s just full of all sorts of colourful graffiti.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

As we were walking towards Prague Castle we stopped to walk up St Nicholas Bell Tower which was 215 steps up a narrow spiral stairway. Entrance was about £3.50 and once at the top of the tower you had some amazing views over the city! We were pretty tired after our walk up all those steps, but after stopping for a quick drink at a quaint little café we were off again. We then walked up to Prague Castle which dates from the 9th century and is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic, so when you go in you do get searched by guards for security reasons.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, so is a very popular tourist attraction! We walked over 13 miles on this very packed day, so I got a little tired at this point! We stopped for lunch at a traditional Czech café called ‘Lokal’, and then walked back to the apartment via the medieval Charles Bridge; another of the most visited sights in Prague. We saw so many pretty buildings on our walk, I ended up taking too many photos of them all!

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to PragueTravel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

We didn’t feel like dinner this day, so we simply stopped off for an ice cream at Crème de la Crème! They have loads of varieties and flavours of true Italian ice-cream made the artisan way using the finest ingredients. I got a double scoop; one cookies and cream and one salted caramel.. it was so yummy and only around £1.50! We were really lucky with the weather as it was gloriously sunny for the first few days we were away! Perfect ice cream weather.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to PragueTravel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Nightmare Horror Bar & Outdoor Cinema

After getting back to the apartment and having a little rest, we were then up and out again! In the evening we went to another Halloween themed bar which was just over the road from our apartment called the Nightmare Horror Bar! We stopped off here just for a quick drink, as we were intrigued to see how it compared to the bar from the night before.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

This bar was more themed on horror movie serial killers such as Michael Myers, Jason, and Freddie Kruger, which was pretty cool and would be an amazing place for one of a kind stag do experience! After our drink we then got the tram to go for an outdoor cinema experience at the gardens of the St. Agnes Convent to watch some short films, which luckily had no talking so we could grasp what was going on. After our long day we walked back to our apartment via the Old Town Square, which looked beautiful lit up at night.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Day 3


Our third day in Prague was a Friday and we started our morning with coffee and light snacks at Super Tramp Coffee shop, which was near to our apartment but very inconspicuously located. I don’t drink coffee but I enjoyed a freshly squeezed orange juice which came in a cute little milk bottle, and a mozzarella and sundried tomato focaccia sandwich. It was a really cute little café.. very Instagram! We then got the tram to another café called Kavárna Co Hledá Jméno for our ‘proper’ breakfast.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

The menu here was quite limited but I certainly didn’t go hungry as I tried eggs benedict for the first time! I can’t believe I’d never had it before, but now I feel like I’m definitely going to order this wherever I go from now on. The eggs were done like a soufflé but with a runny yolk and a moist white muffin and crispy bacon.. so good! And it was only around £7 with a drink too so not too pricey considering the place looked a little bit hipster.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Petrin Lookout Tower

After our second breakfast we went up to the Petřín Lookout Tower which is a steel framed tower that looks like a baby Eiffel Tower! You have to pay to enter and then pay extra if you want to get the lift up rather than walk the 300 steps up to the top (I am lazy so it was definitely the lift for me!). It was over £5 to enter the tower and then £2 to get the lift, which in my option seemed kind of expensive in comparison to the £3.50 bell tower which I thought was nicer and had a better view too! You also have to get the train up to Petrin which is additional cost again, and I’m not really sure it was worth it. Although maybe I was just miserable because the weather was so grey that morning!

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Old Town Square

We then went back to see the Old Town Square in the daylight and went for lunch at an authentic Czech canteen called Havelska Koruna that served traditional cuisine. Here you are given a piece of paper when you walk in and you take a tray and basically queue up like you would at school. Then you wait your turn and pick what food you’d like on your tray and they write on the bit of paper what you’ve had and then you pay on your way out. The food wasn’t too exciting but it was cheap and there was plenty of variety; it was less than £4 for a main meal with a drink. If you want to try proper Czech food without any frills then this is the place to come!

Travel: Blogger City Break to PragueTravel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Sex Machines Museum

After lunch we popped just around the corner to visit the ‘Sex Machines Museum’! If you’ve been to Amsterdam then there’s a good chance that you’ve been to the Sex Museum there. This is very similar but based more on the ‘toys’ used throughout history and includes a rather interesting cinema room where you can watch old style saucy movies! A very amusing attraction that I’d recommend if you’re travelling with friends and you fancy a giggle!

An evening on Vltava River

In the evening we walked down to the river and found a line of riverside boats with bars, food and live music on each one. It was surprisingly lively by the river in the evening and I wish it hadn’t started raining so we could have stayed longer! We stopped to have a drink aboard one boat but the weather was beginning to turn. We walked back towards the apartment but decided to seek shelter in a few bars, so we enjoyed our last evening in Prague with the locals drinking beer!

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Day 4

Local Farmers Market

On our last day we had a fairly relaxed morning with a walk around a local farmers market down by the river. Our flight wasn’t until later in the afternoon so we had all morning to take our time. The market is held on Saturdays and sells a variety of local fresh produce including breads, pastries, fruit and veg, flowers, cheese and much more. As we hadn’t had breakfast yet we all chose a few different bits from the assortment of stalls. I bought a little cone full of cubes of different cheeses, some chorizo-type sausage and little crackers.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

I also treated myself to some sweet snacks; a mini gingerbread biscuit shaped like a teapot and a mini pink meringue kiss! We then spent the rest of the morning relaxing by the river in a park eating ice cream until it was time to get our bags and catch our flight home.

On that note; my journey home to Milton Keynes from Manchester Airport was an absolute disaster after my train got cancelled and I ended up having to get a train to Birmingham and then a taxi to MK so I didn’t get home until gone 2am! The public transport system in the UK is appalling compared to Prague and probably the rest of Europe.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague


In summary, we had an amazing girls trip to Prague; it was so nice to visit Tereza in her hometown and we were so lucky to have her to show us around all the hidden haunts that we otherwise would never have found! There’s so much to see and do in Prague and I think although 3 days was about right for us, I would definitely like to return again to see all the things we missed.

I kind of expected Prague to be a bit of a ‘party town’ as I know it’s quite popular with stag dos, but to be honest we didn’t come across anything like this and the town just seemed beautiful, quiet, and traditional. I don’t know if we maybe didn’t find the ‘party area’ but everywhere we visited was full of locals and well behaved tourists.

Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague Travel: Blogger City Break to Prague

Prague wasn’t as cheap as I had anticipated; I ended up spending £150 in the few days we were there. Considering we didn’t have dinners out in nice restaurants or do any souvenir shopping, I was surprised to have spent every last penny of my budget and the money quickly disappeared! But it was cheaper than a lot of other European cities, so it still makes an affordable break. Just don’t go expecting everything to be super cheap.. although the beer is very cheap!

Have you been to Prague and visited any of these places? Leave your recommendations in a comment below!




  1. September 20, 2018 / 9:52 am

    What a fabulous, informative post, and the photos are amazing too. Prague seems very appealing right now! I’m so pleased the apartment worked out well.

    • Victoria
      September 20, 2018 / 6:19 pm

      Thank you Sophie! x

    • Victoria
      September 20, 2018 / 6:19 pm

      Thank you so much! The ice creams were delicious! x

    • Victoria
      September 20, 2018 / 6:18 pm

      I bet it was lovely in winter too! I’d definitely like to return x

  2. September 22, 2018 / 6:40 am

    Looks lovely! My fave pic of my best friend is of her in front of that museum.

    • Victoria
      October 17, 2018 / 9:32 am

      haha it’s a very interesting museum! x

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