Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

November was such a busy month for me with so much going on over the weekends and after work.  But December has been a little bit more chilled luckily which has meant that I’ve been fully embracing the festive period, and I spent 1st December getting our home ready for Christmas! I thought it was nice that 1st December fell on a Saturday this year as it meant we could spend the weekend together getting all Christmassy!

Last year was the first Christmas in my own home and I had only just moved in, so I didn’t really have the time/energy/budget to splash out on new Christmas stuff. I went with a traditional Nordic theme with lots of red and white decorations and a hint of Highland tartan using some old decorations from my parents’ house. But I don’t even like red and nothing in my flat is red, so I wanted something that was a bit more ‘me’ and suited our home décor. So this year I decided to change the Christmas tree decorations and embraced a brand new colour scheme!

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

Dobbies offered me a gift card to spend in my local garden centre to help me get into the festive spirit! So I decided to change the colour scheme to be rose gold/copper/gold with luxurious glass dome baubles and plenty of sparkle! I went and bought a selection of new baubles, new lights, and new accessories to transform my home into my own Christmassy wonderland.

Decorate with Dobbies

I always love browsing the gorgeous Christmas decorations in garden centres so it was exciting to be able to completely start afresh with my tree decorations! It was tricky to pick as there were so many beautiful baubles, but I did pick up a few gorgeous rose gold coloured ones from Dobbies!

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

I bought this beautiful glass rose gold round bauble with silver stars (£3.99), another round one with gold glitter (£3.99), and also a pear shaped one (£4.99). I also found these beautiful rose gold shimmery pine cone decorations for only £1.29 for three little ones all tied together with ribbon! They are so pretty and I absolutely love the new tree colour scheme.

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

I also bought some new fairy lights to decorate our balcony! As we live in an apartment we don’t have a front garden to deck out with lots of lights, we’ve made the most of the space we have by wrapping a string of multi-coloured twinkling lights (£12.99) around our balcony rail. They have various different settings so that you can have them flashing, fading, in waves etc. and they also come with an automatic timer so that they come on for 8 hours (at around 4pm) and then they stay off during the day.

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

I also couldn’t resist this little rattan reindeer (£12.99) which I think is meant to be for the garden but he looks cute next to my Christmas tree! I also bought some battery operated copper wire fairy lights (£4.99) from Dobbies which I threaded through the rattan so now he lights up too! I found some copper star fairy lights (£5.99) too, so I bought those to match the colour scheme and they look lovely lit up along my sideboard!

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with DobbiesGetting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

Festive Foliage

I couldn’t resist adding some festive fresh foliage inside our home and out! I rarely have fresh flowers or plants at home as I always forget to look after them, but as it’s Christmas I thought I should probably try and maintain the festive look with a pink poinsettia plant (£5.99)! Poinsettias add a lovely bright splash of colour in winter and are fairly easy to look after.

They are best kept at room temperature (between 16°C and 21°C) and only need watering when the surface of the compost has begun to dry out. Poinsettias are traditionally red but I couldn’t resist buying this millennial pink version to really match my décor, plus a gold pot (£2.99) to put it in!

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

I also decided to buy a fresh foliage Christmas door wreath from Dobbies to put on our front door. It was only £12.99 for this small one which is embellished with red berries and cinnamon sticks. You could try getting crafty and make your own door wreath from scratch, or simply buy a readymade one like I did and then customise it! I added some dried orange slices to my door wreath to add a bit more colour to it. A fresh door wreath is sure to get you in the Christmas mood as soon as you hang it up!

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

Crafty Christmas

There are lots of fun ways that you can get crafty at Christmas! You could try personalising gift wrapping using fresh foliage such as pine cones, or making a table centrepiece. I wanted to make a centrepiece for my dining room table as I will be having some friends round for a little Christmas afternoon tea party. As the colour scheme of the tree is rose gold I wanted to try and continue this through to the centrepiece.

I used a gold rimmed wall mirror (£3.99) as a base and then added a glass tealight holder vase (£5.99) which I then filled with pine cones and dried orange slices. I then added two cute little glass rose gold tealight holders and scattered gems onto the mirror. It looks so nice when it’s all lit up with tealights!

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready with Dobbies


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