The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

Happy New Year! It feels like forever since I last switched my laptop on and did some blog work but I thought it was about time I did my first post of 2019! So.. last month I was invited to check out a brand new luxury hair salon in Marlow, Buckinghamshire called The Chapel.

Although I live in Milton Keynes which is technically also in Buckinghamshire, it’s quite a large county so Marlow is still about an hour and a half drive away from me. I wouldn’t usually consider accepting an invite for a salon so far away, but once I had a look at their website I knew I just had to visit The Chapel! They offer a truly unique and relaxing hair salon experience and their Marlow location is just beautiful.

The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

The Chapel

Co-founder Amanda describes why she started The Chapel salon group after listening to the negative things women would say when they visited hairdressers:

“Shoulder-to-shoulder seating without any personal space, confusing price lists that seemed to stack up throughout the appointment, limited services that weren’t tailored to your identity and needs, having your foils left in whilst being sat in the salon window, being passed between multiple stylists and juniors and so on.”

She went on to create something different in award-winning The Chapel; with salons now in Islington, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Horsham, Marlow and even Verbier, Switzerland. The Chapel is unique in that they charge per hour (starting from £50ph) and not by a set price list. This is so they can offer an individual treatment rather than off the shelf and it allows you to know exactly what you’ll be spending before sitting in the chair without the anxiety of surprise ‘extra’ service costs incurring.

The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

The Chapel in Marlow

I’d never visited Marlow before but if you ever get the opportunity or if you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out! It’s a really cute little old town situated on the River Thames with lots of lovely shops, pubs and restaurants. The Chapel salon is located a short walk from the High Street and is inside The Old Trinity Church – a beautiful, huge old church with a graveyard and everything!

The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

The Grade II listed building was built in around 1852, and although the interior has been beautifully redone and updated, they have retained the majority of the internal features to create a truly impressive environment. The salon has a very unique aesthetic and atmosphere, with historic stained glass windows and enormous, original stone walls. I love that they kept the old qualities of the building whilst also adding plenty of modern touches.

The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

Upon entering the salon through the huge church doors I was truly taken aback when I walked inside. They have designed the interior of the salon beautifully with creams, soft pinks and neutral colours alongside focused lighting that allows the building’s beauty to beam out. I absolutely loved their soft pink sofa where I sat to enjoy a hot chocolate whilst having a consultation with my lovely hair stylist Jade.

The Chapel Hair Salon in MarlowThe Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

My Experience

Stylist Jade has 9 years in the industry and was so lovely and welcoming. We had a discussion about the type of thing I wanted and she went through with my the different options that were available to me. I explained that I wanted a new colour and I wanted to try red because I was sick of my current brassy colour, and Jade helped me pick which shade of red I wanted.

I didn’t want a whole new look style-wise so we agreed to just trim the current length of my hair a little and tidy it up a bit. I am always nervous when it comes to getting my hair cut as I love my long length, but Jade was very reassuring that she would just ‘nibble’ at it! So I excitedly took my seat and let her get to work with my hair!

The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow The Chapel Hair Salon in MarlowThe Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

The whole environment at the salon was really relaxing and I felt like I could really escape, relax, and unwind. They also discourage the use of mobile phones so that everyone has a truly peaceful experience without any distractions.

I especially loved getting my hair washed in the separate room which was quite dark with low lighting and very warm and cosy. I absolutely loved this part of the experience as it was so relaxing and I felt truly pampered. The Chapel also do their own range of scented candles which they have around the salon and they smell absolutely lovely.

The Chapel Hair Salon in MarlowThe Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

The Results

Jade used Redken on my hair as it delivers vibrant, shiny colour and after having my hair washed I was so excited to have it blow dried so I could see the final results! I rarely get my hair coloured so this was a big moment for me to try a new look in a brand new colour.

I loved the colour as soon as I started to see it as Jade was drying my hair. It felt like such a big change but at the same time I felt it suited my skin tone and I loved it right away! Jade then gave my hair a nice healthy trim to get rid of all my dead ends and styled it using ghd’s to give natural waves. I wish I knew how to do these waves myself!

The Chapel Hair Salon in Marlow

I absolutely loved the colour and cut and was so pleased with the finish! I had a job interview the next day (which I got!) and my work Christmas party a few days later and I felt so happy and confident. A month on I still love my hair and I’ve been using a red conditioning treatment to try and keep the colour as vibrant as possible. Red hair can be tricky to maintain but I’m willing to put the effort in to keep the beautiful colour!

I had the most wonderful experience at The Chapel and I would 100% recommend it if you’re looking for a true luxurious salon experience.

* My visit to The Chapel was complimentary but all views are my own




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