Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

Last month we went on a little romantic break to The Cotswolds which is one of my favourite places in the whole world! There are so many quintessentially English little tea rooms and country pubs – I just love it! It’s the perfect place to go for a nice little weekend away. In one of the towns we visited called Stow-on-the-Wold, we popped into a lovely antique shop called Tara Antique Centre on the market square.

Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

I love browsing antique shops and looking at all the old interior accessories and vintage decorative furnishings and dreaming about how I could make them work in my home. My current home is a modern new build flat so not exactly a period house filled with antiques! But I do love a bit of vintage charm and I have actually managed to work a few older pieces into the flat without them looking too out of place. Antiques are back in fashion and can make striking features even in modern homes.

Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

There are many reasons why antique hunting is becoming more popular. People fall in love with the charm and history of antiques that often brings back a feeling of nostalgia. Plus, they’re so unique that you’re unlikely to see anyone else with the same thing in their house. There’s also a big eco-friendly benefit to buying old pieces that will no doubt have sat in numerous different homes over the years rather than being thrown away.

Antique furniture is also very often far more robust than its modern counterparts built using solid wood rather than flimsy chipboard, making it more durable for the long-term and less likely to break or get damaged during house moves and everyday use.

Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

It’s easy to mix and match older pieces with things you already own in a contemporary home and Modern Rugs have challenged me to find a few antiques that would still look great in modern homes. So here are some of my favourite pieces that I found on my recent treasure hunt! Buying antiques doesn’t have to be pricey; antique shops often sell things for cheaper than ‘modern versions’ and they’re much more interesting and charming.

For example, these little glasses I found are only £9 for a set of 6, whereas buying a set of shot glasses from the high street would cost twice as much. Plus, they look good as new despite being many decades old, and I just love the pretty floral pattern on them!

Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

I’ve no idea how old this painted cupboard would be, but it’s made from solid wood and still has the original key. You don’t get that with modern cupboards! This was for sale for only £125 which is far cheaper than anything you could ever find in Ikea, and it’s absolutely packed full of charm and history. I would love this in my new dining room to keep vintage glassware and silverware in!

Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

Talking of glassware and silverware, they had plenty of that in the antique shop too! I don’t know whether this cutlery was real silver or just silver plated, but it’s beautifully detailed with intricate decoration on the handles. Cutlery is surprisingly expensive to buy new, but these sets were only £18 for each set of 6. Despite their age, they polished up well and still look shiny and new. No doubt this set was only used for ‘special occasions’ by the previous owners so was unlikely to have received much use. I’d love a fancy cutlery set like this!

Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

I also love old glassware and I would love to have a drinks cabinet or drinks trolley to display vintage glasses and bottles on. Antique glassware comes in eye-catching colours and shapes that shows off the intricate craftsmanship from decades past. Imagine all the fancy cocktails you could make and serve in funky retro glasses!

Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes * Treasure Hunting: Buying Antiques for Modern Homes *

Do you have any top tips for hunting down antique bargains?



  1. August 22, 2019 / 5:08 pm

    I grew up going antique shopping with my Nana and mom so this post was so so sweet! I personally collect old postcards and occasionally a cool vinyl record. I love seeing all the old glassware and decor, everything has so much character! Lovely post. (:

  2. October 14, 2019 / 12:36 am

    The only tip I have is sometimes you have to travel to other towns to find different stuff, especially if your town doesn’t have tons of antique stores. I love antiques!

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