Getting a Good Nights Sleep with a Warren Evans Mattress & GX Pillows

Sleep is the most important part of your day, so the most important thing in your home and worth investing in is your mattress. At my old flat we slept on one of those mattresses that you see in the adverts on TV that roll up into a box and are made from 100% foam. This might sound comfortable but I never managed to get on with it and over the months the foam began to sink and was not comfy at all.

So I was thrilled to be offered a new proper mattress to try from Warren Evans – the independent hand-made mattress experts who have been based in the UK for over 40 years. Warren Evans offer beautifully made, ethically sourced mattresses, constructed from the finest materials which offer excellent comfort and support.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with a Warren Evans Mattress & GX Pillows

I picked the Natural 2000 Windsor pocket spring mattress and we were really excited to try out our first king size mattress on our new bed frame! The Natural 2000 Windsor mattress is topped with wool which helps to give a good night’s sleep by naturally regulating body temperature. We’ve found that even on chilly nights we always feel cosy on the mattress and I think the wool really helps with this!

The mattress is handmade with top quality traditional springs which I think has made the biggest difference to our sleep. Our old mattress was purely foam so there was no support at all, whereas the springs in this mattress mean that it’s nice and firm whilst also soft and comfy as it’s filled with thick layers of wool and cotton. The mattress feels like such good quality and looks very well made so should hopefully last us a long time!

We’ve been sleeping on the mattress for over a month now so we’ve had a good chance to test it out. Our sleep has improved so much and our new bed is so much more comfortable than the old one. I always used to toss and turn throughout the night and often had a dull ache in my back when I woke up in the mornings. This has now all changed and we both sleep like a log without any discomfort throughout the night and feeling much more fresh in the mornings. I also think having a king size instead of a double has made a big difference too!

As well as the amazing mattresses Warren Evans also sell handmade beds. Their range of beds are made using technical engineering and are extremely solid, simple and streamlined. The beds can be assembled in minutes and are made to order using FSC top grade timber and water based stains and paints. And they’re super stylish and can be customized too!

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with a Warren Evans Mattress & GX Pillows

My body feels like it’s getting much more support throughout the night, which is also thanks to our new pillows that were kindly gifted by GX Pillows. GX Pillows have internal support ties to pull the pillow up and into your head and neck giving you extra comfort and support. The innovative design helps reduce pillow spread ensuring you remain comfortable without having to fluff them up during the night. I find them extremely soft and cosy, and they have a hypoallergenic polyester hollow fibre so are suitable for those that can’t sleep on feathered pillows. They don’t go flat throughout the night unlike traditional pillows – these are always plump!

GX Pillows offer two different types of pillow – the Suspension Pillow and the Support Pillow. The suspension version is the perfect sleeping pillow as it gently cradles the head and neck – it’s the pillow that hugs you back! If you like to read in bed, then the support pillow is ideal for you. It’s designed to provide firmer support around your shoulders and back whilst sitting up, and I find this really useful when sitting up and watching TV in bed.

I’m so glad we’ve managed to create a set up in our bedroom that allows us to get a good nights sleep and it’s made the world of difference. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and feeling like you’ve not slept all night. But now we’ve both been waking up refreshed and ready to start the day!



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