I haven’t done a general fashion haul for a few months so I thought I’d do a quick one with my latest buys! My favourite high street shops are New Look, H&M, Select, and Matalan generally. Also Primark (obviously) but I tend to do separate blog posts for my Primark hauls. So here’s what I’ve been buying lately for the summer season from all my favourite shops. They’re all bargain buys, most were even in the sale! 


I bought this dress in the sale from Select as I thought it would be great to wear to work in the warm weather. It fits really nicely and it a good length for work, and I love the ditsy print and crochet detail back. It was only £10 in the sale.

I also bought my first co-ord set from Select which is now in the sale for a grand total of only £9! The top bizarrely is a size 8, and the skirt is a size 14. Talk about pear shaped! I love the black and white gingham print, and it’s also covered in cute little daisies.

The chunky black jelly shoes are only £7, although I’ve only worn them once so far as they made my feet sweaty and sore! But I’ve worn the jelly bow sandals a few times as they’re nice and comfortable, and they were only £5, although not currently online.


I’ve bought quite a lot from H&M recently as they always seem to be bringing in new stock! They have loads of cheap stuff in, so I’ve picked up a few dresses. This black and pink floral print dress has cut out detail around the waist and chest, and it was only £12.99! You can see a better photo of it and buy it from their website here. I also bought this white and blue floral cotton dress for the same price (I think) although it’s a little bit short on me.
These dresses are also from H&M, the first one is a black smock fitting dress with white hearts for £12.99. And the strappy one is made from stretchy cotton and has a white daisy pattern on, and was only £7.99. I think it will be perfect for Leeds fest!

More dresses from H&M.. these two gorgeous fitting skater dresses are only £7.99 each, and are perfect to wear to work. I got the black one with little white polka dots, and the navy blue and white striped dress. I love these!
These button up skirts are only £5.99 each from H&M! I bought the colourful floral print one, as well and the monochrome daisy one. I’ve not worn either yet to be honest as they are quite short on me.. but what a bargain!

New Look

I bought this floral skater skirt in the sale for only £9 after I’d eyed it up a few times when it was £18. It’s quite long which is good for the office, and I love the colours in the print.

Unfortunately these bags are now out of stock, but I bought them a few weeks ago when they were in high demand! The watermelon clutch cost me £9.99 from New Look, and the lemon slice one was £15 from Monki.

 I previously featured these bits from New Look in an OOTD post. I love these items so much! I’ve worn the dress for a few days out in the sunshine, and the shoes are very comfortable. The clutch bag is also adorable and I can’t wait to use it for Liam’s Army pass out parade.

I haven’t yet worn this strappy floral print skater dress yet, but I love the colours and pattern on this dress, and was in the sale for only £10. I also love this aqua blue gingham smock dress for lazy days, it’s only £12!

And to go with it… this watermelon co-ord is from New Look, and it was £5.99 for the crop top, and £9.99 for the skirt. I’m not sure when I will wear this but it was too cute to resist! And the final item is this cute cream coloured floaty dress from Matalan. It was in the sale for only £7 and I love it!

Here’s a quick round up of what I’ve bought from Primark recently. Their stock is changing over so quickly lately that I’m able to pick up new things every time I go in there!

I’m now pretty into big statement necklaces this season. They look so good with a plan knitted jumper or high necked dress. I’ve worn these two a few times already, they’re great for jazzing up a simple outfit. I’m not a fan of bright gold jewellery so I was pleased that I managed to find these two less blingy necklaces with a hint of pink in them!

The beautiful jewelled one has pearls and gems in it and I think is so beautiful! It was only £5 which I thought was very reasonable seeing as other shops sell similar for twice as much. I wore this for my work Christmas meal and a night out in London. I also got this slightly more simple gold and pink diamante chain for £3 and I love wearing this one with midi dresses for work.

I bought another one of the black gem rings which I bought a few weeks ago for only £2. I bought another one because I wore it so much it’s all green now, so I will coat this one with clear nail polish to protect it and hopefully it will last longer! I also picked up the pretty blingy clear gem ring for £1.50, which is quite festive!

I mentioned in my last Primark post that I bought these little ballet pumps in black as they were reduced to only £4, and I saw these pretty nudey pink ones were reduced too so picked them up aswell! I actually packed my black ones in a little bag with me for a night out and swapped into them when my heels got too painful. They were still pretty enough to wear on the dancefloor and I wasn’t worried about them getting ruined, and they were comfy!
I think I might return this floral dress as it makes me look pretty frumpy, but it was reduced to only £5 from £13 so a bit of a bargain really. It has pretty lace and pleating detail and I liked that it has long sleeves and a fitted waist. But it’s a bit too floaty-hippy for me unfortunately.

So, I caved in and bought myself a fluffy black cardigan from Primark. It was only £12 and was one of the only one’s I could find that wasn’t all ripped or damaged. Although I’ve not worn it yet because my office is too hot! It’s really lovely and snug though, and super soft! I might pick up a cream one too..

This lovely snuggle black jumper was reduced from £14 to only £7! I love it, it’s so soft! It has a pretty pink and green floral cross stitch pattern on it and it’s nice and oversized.

 I really like the Primark midi skirts, and I thought I’d pick up this Christmassy forest green colour to add to my collection. It was only £5 and they do tonnes of other colours too.

I thought I could wear this top with the above skirt for work. It’s a nice sateen silky fabric with a really pretty bow on the back. It was £8 which I may not usually spend on a fairly simple top in Primark but I guess their prices are going up, and I really liked this!


Yet another Primark haul! I keep going to the shop to return something that doesn’t fit, or just ‘nipping in’ and then I come out with another bag full! Ooops. They restock so quickly, I’d hate to miss out on a bargain! You can see all of my Primark hauls under this label, if you’re interested! So this is what I got this time..
Firstly I bought this vest top, even though it’s sleeveless and I never show off my arms, but it’s SO PRETTY! Look at that pretty parrot print! Ad guess what.. it was only £4! Glad to see that not everything in Primark hasn’t increased to silly prices. Some stuff you might as well buy from New Look or any other shop!
 This little cupcake sign was £1.50 and obviously I couldn’t resist it 🙂 
 Looking forward to summer, these little nautical peep toe pumps were only £6. I had a pair similar from Primark last year and wore them to death! 
 Also.. JELLY SHOES! These were only £4 and I love the cute little bow on the front 🙂 
 I’ve been looking for long sleeves blouses lately to team with plain skater skirts, and I wanted a plain black and plain cream one, and luckily these two were reduced to £5 each! I hate the ugly silver buttons all over them though, so I’ve removed the ones from the collar and chest pockets and sleeves. TOO MANY BUTTONS! They look much better now 🙂
 You may remember I bought the burgundy version of this fine knit dress a while ago when it was reduced from £14 to £7. Well this black version was reduced to £5, and even though I never wear black, I love this dress!

And finally, these pretty floral panties were reduced to £1 each 🙂
Isn’t it impossible to go to Primark without buying?!


I haven’t done a Primark shopping haul post in a long while! I used to go there frequently, but these days I only ever seem to leave the store with tights, socks, and the odd reduced item. I know they are a cheap store, but the quality isn’t great, and their prices are going up and up. So now sometimes I prefer to buy something from Matalan instead for the same price but much better quality (don’t slate Matalan!). I did buy my lovely winter coat from Primark for only £25 though, which gets plenty of compliments! So here are a few items that I’ve purchased lately from Primark.
My local Primark in Bedford is a 20 min drive away, and parking in the town is pretty horrendous. However, they’re opening up a Primark in Bletchley, Milton Keynes within the next 2 weeks! Rumour has it it will open on 2nd December, but we shall see. They’ve kept us waiting.. the city has NO Primark! I personally prefer shopping in Bletchley town now to Milton Keynes Centre:MK. I can travel freely between all the little retail parks, park for free, go to Asda, Matalan, Ikea, get petrol, park in the town and visit the charity shops, Home Bargains, Wilko, and Poundland. Perfect shopping destination for me! And now they’re building H&M and Primark, I literally have no reason to visit anywhere else! Anyway.. here’s what I bought:
I got this lovely navy blue and white polka dot dress in the sale for only £5, reduced from £12! It’s quite summery, but the fit of it is lovely. It has quite a high neck which makes it look very conservative and 50’s, and I love the flared skirt. It also came with a very skinny tan belt too. Bargain!
Nice and simple, I bought these cute navy blue slipper pumps for £6.
This bag was also a bargain! I have one trusty black clutch bag that I use for nights out, but it’s pretty old and battered now, and a little bit small. I’ve been looking for a new basic bag for a while, and I picked up this nice big one for only £4! It has lovely dark grey sequins all over it, and a wrist strap. It zips up at the top, and it has a phone pocket inside. I can get plenty of night time essentials in this, including flat shoes!
I have this skater skirt in black and bright blue also, but this week I saw that they also stocking it in burgundy! It’s kind of a purpley plum colour, but they’re great skirts and are only £6. They each come with a skinny belt too! They’re great for wearing in winter!
These cute panties we’re in the reduced section. The snowflake pair were only 50p, and the silky, lacey ones were £1 each, reduced from £3. 
Whats your favourite city to shop in? Do you still shop at Primark as much now?