Latest USA Shopping..β™₯

My latest buys in the USA πŸ™‚
Make up from Walmart. Their Rimmel London stuff is cheaper than in the UK bizarrely!

More VS bags $2.99 each!

Cute VS undies bag

Pretty panties from Forever 21

Sprinkles and jewellery from Forever 21. The robot necklace is actually just an earring that I put on a chain cos I preferred it that way )

Forever 21 Tote Bag
My Tshirts from Miami

A little glass dish in the shape of a fan to put loose earrings etc in. It was $8 reduced to $2 from Urban Outfitters. 

The dry shampoo was reduced to $5 and online it sells for $32! Its organic and I cant wait to try it out πŸ™‚

Pressies for my neice.

She’s just got her ears pierced so bought her these πŸ™‚
Mickey Pants! Was $5 reduced to $1.25


I have got such dry hair since being here in the sun, so I’ve bought some hair repair treatment which smells amazing! $3

Pretty panties. The massive pink pair are so thick and comfy πŸ˜€ Reduced from $7 each to $1.72 each from American Eagle

Pretty white vest top, reduced from $20 to $3 from American Eagle

This hoody is my fav buy so far πŸ™‚ Its a shame I had to buy it in a size too big as it was the only one left. Its a super soft crochet hoody from American Eagle that was reduced from $45 to $8 πŸ˜€
Comfy top with cute motif πŸ™‚ $6.99 from Charlotte Russe
Nom nom Nerds flavoued lipbalm $3

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