A Review: 18 Different Liquid Eyeliners. Which is most long lasting? ♥

So I have been meaning to do this for a long time. I am a big fan of liquid eyeliner (I have been using it daily for 8+ years) but I am still on the hunt for the best product. I have used almost every brand going.
Me – liquid eyeliner fan.
After tidying up my bedroom and make up boxes today, I have collected together all of my liquid eyeliners and tried to find the best one. I have some as the traditional ‘dip pot’ liquid eyeliners and some are the automatic pens, like a felt tip. Unfortunatly I didn’t have time to use each one (I had 18!) on my actual eyelids, so I have just swatched them on my hand, and then tested them to find the longest lasting one. 
So here are my 18 liquid eyeliners:
From top to bottom:
  1. Me Me Me (pen)
  2. MUA (dip)
  3. Sleek (dip)
  4. GOSH (dip)
  5. Elf (dip)
  6. Constance Carrol UK (dip)
  7. Barry M (dip)
  8. W7 (dip)
  9. Rimmel (dip)
  10. Collectoin 2000 (pen)
  11. InColour (pen)
  12. Accessorize (dip)
  13. H&M (pen)
  14. Helen E (dip)
  15. Colour Sport (pen)
  16. MUA (pen)
  17. Boujois (pen)
  18. Eyeko (pen)
Here they all are swatched on my hand. From left to right is them in the order above.

After being wiped with a damp tissue. The MUA pen has smudged alot, and the Colour Sport pen (despite claiming to last 24 hours) has also worn away.

After being wiped with a moist facial wipe. Most have worn off apart from Me Me Me, MUA (dip), GOSH, W7 and Accessorize.

 After washing my hair over the bath. GOSH, W7 and Accessorize have lasted longest! Although I have to say, the GOSH one is waterproof and it does take a lot of scrubbing to get off completely. Good for a night out I would say. The Accessorize one is long lasting, but the nib is very thick and not sharp or pointed, so it is difficult to draw a fine equal line. Therefore I would say that the best liquid eyeliner is the W7 dip pot! Which just so happens to be £1.19 here. Bargain!
Does anyone else know of a good liquid eyeliner?

A Review: 18 Different Liquid Eyeliners. Which is most long lasting? ♥


  1. December 27, 2011 / 2:07 pm

    I did try a gel liner once but it goes on too thick for me! xx

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