Review of James Foward Maison d’Anu Hair Mask.. ♥

Maison d’Anu offered to send me a product from their health and beauty range, so I chose the Cherish Keratin Infused Hair Mask by James Forward, as my hair is quite dry. I use either curling tongs or straighteners on my hair pretty much everyday. The heat, up to 230 degrees celcius, causes my hair to dry out, become frizzy, and produces those horrible split ends! Therefore I thought I would chose a product that could help combat these problems.

James Foward is a hair colourist and the creative director of Maison d’Anu. His international client list includes celebrities, socialites, fashion models and beauty journalists. He recommends this product to ‘winterproof’ your hair. 
It is an intensive mask for weakened, damaged and frizzy hair, and it has been formulated to reconstruct and moisturise. Meadowfoam acts as a natural moisturiser and UV protector, Rosemary and Aloe Leaf extracts stimulate new hair growth whilst Keratin is added to lock in ingredients, strengthen and smooth the hair.

To use the mask, you should shampoo your hair, then lightly towel dry it, and then cover your hair in the mask, leave it for approximatley 5 minutes, and then rinse it out. I tested this product today to review, and overall I was very satisfied with the results. The formula of the mask is very thick, and it smells devine! It has a lovely sweet smell and I love it. I can still smell it on my hair now, even after straightening. After putting it on my hair, as I began to rinse it out, I could instantly feel my hair was ultra silky. I was worried that because the product was quite thick, that it would leave my hair heavy and coated in moisture, and a bit greasy. But after a thorough rinse with warm water, and a blow dry, my hair is silky smooth and glossy. 
Here are a few photos of my hair after using the product, blow drying, straightening and styling. In my opinion it looks pretty sleek, and it feels in better condition than usual. Therefore I would recommend this product to anyone else who may be suffering from damaged, coloured, or dry hair. I can’t wait to use this again next hair wash day! It smells amazing! You can by this from Maison d’Anus website, and it retails for £28. A bit pricey for my bargainous budget, but its a luxury product that uses quality ingredients and really works.

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