How my Style has Evolved ♥

Looking back on old photos of me as a little girl makes me realise that my style hasn’t really changed much at all since I was a child! Polka dots, floral prints, collars, and cute dresses are still my fashion favourites, and I’d probably still wear the outfits as a grown up (well.. if 23 years old is ‘grown up’) today if they fit me! 
To be honest I remember spending a lot of my time dressed up as a boy, as I was very chummy with the boys that lived next door to me and so I used to try and dress like them. Boyish t-shirts, dungarees and shorts were what I often wore on my weekends, but whenever I had a special occasion to go to my Mum dressed me up more girlie. Clearly my Mum and I have similar taste, as I think some of my little girl outfits she dressed me in are super cute and stylish! I did have a horrible blunt fringe and bob through most of my school years, but sometimes I grew my hair out and had it in nice long plaits or pig tails. 
Here’s some of my past fashion favourites.. 
How my Style has Evolved ♥How my Style has Evolved ♥
Do you recognise the typical ‘Victorias Vintage’ pose (as Terri likes to call it)? Hand on hip is still a favourite for me in all my OOTD photos.. clearly I’ve had many years to perfect it. Also check out the cute polka dot sundress and straw hat!
How my Style has Evolved ♥How my Style has Evolved ♥
 I actually have a red polka dot swimsuit now (the one pictured on the right) which is one of my favourites.. clearly my taste in swimwear hasn’t changed in the last 20 years!
How my Style has Evolved ♥How my Style has Evolved ♥
Velvet.. polka dot… Peter Pan collar? Surely all of my favourite qualities in a dress rolled into one! Despite my hideous hair cute and rather unhappy flower, I think this is an adorable little dress and reminds me of the many collared dresses I still wear today. 


How my Style has Evolved ♥How my Style has Evolved ♥
 I can’t say I’m a big fan of wearing stripes these days, but I looked pretty cute in them at my forth birthday party (I still like cake though)! This little nautical style dress is adorable, and it reminds me of my current blue collared Sugarhill Boutique dress.
How my Style has Evolved ♥How my Style has Evolved ♥
 My cute baby blue lace edged dress I wore as a little girl reminded me of the mint green lacey River Island dress I wore a couple of years ago (horrible photo!). This is one of the rare photos of me with long hair, and you can see my gappy teeth! That’s my Mum behind me and my baby cousin (who’s now 16).
How my Style has Evolved ♥How my Style has Evolved ♥
Weirdly enough this cute picture was taken in the same location I still often do my OOTD shots! Floral print dresses have always been a firm favourite for me, as you can see they’re still very much a wardrobe staple! I remember this little flowery dress and wearing it for my 5th birthday party, it made me feel really princessy! Bless my cotton socks (literally). 
I’ve really enjoyed going through my old photos. I guess in summary to this post.. my style has barely evolved at all! I hope you liked this post!

This blog post is my entry into the Zalando blogger competition to celebrate their third birthday!

How my Style has Evolved ♥



  1. April 28, 2014 / 8:56 pm

    Such a cute post, I love the collared velvet dress comparison photo! Where is your (adult) red swimsuit from? It's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. April 29, 2014 / 6:54 am

    That's so sweet, great idea for a post. Very thought provoking.

  3. April 29, 2014 / 7:34 am

    Aw, what a sweet idea for a competition and it's amazing to see how your style has retained some of the things you wore when you were young.

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