Getting Cosy for Winter: How to Ensure a Good Nights Sleep *

Now I’ve finally settled into my new home I’ve been enjoying buying new bedding in the correct size for my king size bed, as all my old bedding was only double size so was too small. I always think it’s important to buy good quality bedding as you want it to last as well as being comfortable. After all, the bed is possibly the most important place in the home!

How to Ensure a Good Nights Sleep

How to Ensure a Good Nights Sleep

The bedroom in my flat is quite small (especially for two people) so I was a little bit worried about my big bed taking up most of the space. I love the design of my large bed so I didn’t want to have to get a new smaller one, so I decided to keep it and make do with slightly less bedroom space.

I’m taking part in the Bed Guru #SleepGuru campaign, and their studies have shown that sizes of homes are shrinking and so are beds, as residents try to squeeze more into their homes. However, couples sleep better in a bigger bed, and so I personally wouldn’t want to compromise on our sleep. Having a larger bed is so much more comfortable when sharing; you can spread out and roll over without interrupting one another’s

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My top bed time tips:

  • If your mattress is getting a bit old, invest in a good mattress topper. It can make your bed comfy like new again!
  • Put your phone away before bedtime – artificial lighting and electronics prevent the natural sleep-wake cycle and causes your sleep to be interrupted.
  • Put on some fresh clean bedding – you’re likely to get a more comfortable night’s sleep when your bedding has a fresh scent (check out my previous blog post to find out where this bedding is from!)
  • Try not to go to bed stressed – avoid work emails or anything that causes you worry before bedtime and try winding down with a relaxing bath, scented candle or quiet music.
  • Tidy up – a tidy room puts your mind at ease and is more conducive to good sleep.
  • If you share a bed, consider a king size (or even super king!) bed to solve any bedroom incompatibilities with your partner.
* In collaboration with Bed Guru



  1. November 6, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    I absolutely love your winter bedding girl! It's so darn cute. I always have a pillow spray handy as it definitely helps me sleep.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. January 13, 2018 / 2:01 pm

    I miss Winter! 🙂 x

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