My First Home: The Living Room

Welcome to the next part of my new home tour! I’ve already shown you around the kitchen, bedroom, and dining room in my earlier blog posts, so now here’s the living room! This room is probably where I spend most of my spare time when I’m home. I love it because it’s so light and cosy! The large balcony doors let in lots of sunshine and I love snuggling up on our cosy sofa.

My First Home: The Living Room

I’ve been in my flat for over three months now and I’m all settled in and loving having my own place. I thought it would be quite hard to adjust moving out from my parents for the first time but it’s actually been a pretty smooth transition. The only thing that I really miss is my two kitties!

Merlin and Marshall live at my parents still as it felt cruel to have two cats and two humans all in a one bedroom flat with no garden! Plus, Gavin is allergic to cats (or at least he pretends to be!) and Marshall is deaf so tends to be very noisy without realising it. But I do enjoy having the cats staying over at weekends every now and again, they are so cute and I love spending time with them!

Anyway.. back to the living room tour! I decided I wanted to carry on the duck egg blue theme in the living room as well as the bedroom. I used the same Arthouse Chinoise Shadow wallpaper (£9 per roll) which is a very close match to the Laura Ashley Oriental Garden wallpaper (£44 per roll) that I used to have in my dressing room. Plus, I managed to get the wallpaper even cheaper for approx £2.60 per roll by bidding on a listing on eBay for 5 rolls which I won for £13!

All of the furniture in the living room (and in fact, the whole flat!) was bought cheaply second hand from eBay or local Facebook selling groups. I found the gorgeous grey sofa on Facebook marketplace; the lady was selling it brand new as she bought it for her new conservatory but it turned out it didn’t fit! So she sold it to me for only £100 and I’m so pleased with it. It’s only a two seater so it’s a little small but it fits in really well. Above the sofa I’ve hung a ornate white mirror on the wall, the duck egg throw on the sofa is from Julian Charles, and the square cushions are only £7 each from Dunelm.

If we ever do have guests and need additional seating, I also bought a tub chair in a gorgeous duck egg blue colour for only £30 off eBay. Again it was brand new and is still selling for £99 in Dunelm! And I got the huge duck egg rug brand new from the same person for £40, originally £125! I saved a huge amount of money buying my furniture ‘second hand’ as buying it brand new would have cost hundreds! The cushion on the tub chair was actually made by my best friends Mum using the same fabric as the wallpaper! It matches so perfectly.

I also bought the big white TV unit from Facebook for only £40 which is still on sale in Ikea for £180! It matches the large shelf unit in the dining room (which I bought for £25 on eBay) and it’s the perfect size for the living room. I love the drawers which are handy to hide away little bits and pieces, and the cubby holes can be used to display pretty decorations. It’s also a nice width so it fits in nicely and there’s space for Gavin’s big TV alongside my pretty picture frames and candle jars!

I felt that the corner of the room next to the sofa was a little bit dark, so I spent a while hunting for a floor lamp to fill the gap. I found this copper lamp in Argos for only £30 and it was exactly what I needed (I’ve just noticed it’s now only £24!). I think the lamp looks great against the wallpaper and next to the copper clock, which was also a bargain.. only £6 in Wilko! The teapot lamp on the side table I got from Litecraft years ago, I love it so much!

On the little ledge that goes out to the balcony I have some little trinkets including this metal bird lantern, little lavender pot plant, copper look bunny, and a big silver lantern. Can you believe I found the little bunny in Poundland a little while ago? It looks so much more expensive!

On the TV unit I keep some of my favourite little pretty decorations, most of which I’ve had for years! The ‘HOME’ wooden letters I got from Dunelm years ago, and they fit in the little cubby hole perfectly! Alongside that I also have a copper basket, my duck egg Roberts radio, and jar candles. I also have a string of fairy lights going around the unit and a little marble vase which I bought from The Range that sits next to the unit.

The latest addition to my living room is this white wooden butler tray table which was a bargain for under £20. I wasn’t sure how much I would use it when I first got it, but it’s so handy as we don’t have enough space for a coffee table, we can just drag the little table over if needed. I also find it very handy for taking photos of products for my Instagram! Plus it just looks pretty cute sitting by the window with a vase of flowers on.

The curtains I bought as a kind of cheap temporary fix when I first moved in. They were only £12 from Argos and I thought they would do in the short term but I’ve actually grown to love them! The metal tie backs came with the place when I bought it, and although I hated them at first and had actually bought new cream ones, these have grown on me too so will also be staying!

My First Home: The Living Room

And finally.. I was looking for something to fill the gap above the TV and found this lovely watercolour bird print on Ali Express. I cut it down and put it in a cheap frame I bought from B&M and it’s perfect!

I’m so pleased with how the living room has come together with the rest of the flat. Now there’s just the bathroom to finish off!


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My First Home: The Living Room


  1. Anonymous
    February 23, 2018 / 11:51 pm

    You have a very pretty living room, i have the same lamp and clock too

  2. Anonymous
    February 24, 2018 / 7:58 pm

    Love the colour scheme, you have some pretty bits and pieces, and got some bargains on your furniture.

  3. February 24, 2018 / 9:35 pm

    Your flat looks so cosy! Loving the argos lamp and I'm rather tempted to get the white tray. xx

  4. February 27, 2018 / 7:35 pm

    omg just found you through twitter and I am in love with your blog! specifically this post about your flat. I am a budget blogger so I love how everything was a bargain! such a cute living room!


  5. March 4, 2018 / 12:39 am

    Your flat looks so gorgeous, you've definitely inspired me to look at eBay for some things, especially since John and I are in the process of buying our own place! I've been visiting the Facebook marketplace and it's a great place to find bargains and up-cycle furniture that can be loved again!

    Amazing living room, I'm going to check out all your other rooms now too <3

    Cat |

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