My First OOTD! & Fake Bake Review ♥

I thought that since I’ve bought quite a lot of new clothes lately for my winter wardrobe, I would start posting an ‘outfit of the day’ post every so often. Probably not everyday because I will usually be in my work uniform! I am not very keen on taking full length photos of myself, so expect the same pose, but different clothes in each outfit. Also I’m not huge on accessories or heels… so don’t be looking forward to high fashion inspiration 😉 I tend to keep my fashion purchases low priced, as I don’t like to wear the same thing twice so there’s no point in my spending a lot on one item unless I think I’m going to get good use out of it.
So here is my first OOTD! Today I’m staying in even though the weather is nice, as my family is coming round for Sunday lunch. I can smell the roast chicken now.. nom! I’m kind of cheating actually as this isn’t actually what I’m wearing today, but I just wanted to show you my new Fake Bake tan!

I work at Debenhams, and a representative from Fake Bake was promoting their items instore, and when you bought any Fake Bake item, you got a free spray tan. Anyway I didn’t actually buy anything, I was just working, but the lady kindly offered to do me for free! During my work hours… I didn’t mind taking 30mins out of my working day to get spray tanned! 
I’ve never had a spray tan before, and I rarely use home fake tan as my skin is dry so it doesn’t blend well. I was terrified I was going to come out of that room orange. Anyway after I made a bit of a fuss about not taking my undies off, she sprayed me all over with her spray gun. It felt like I was being painted with an airbrush. It took about 15 mins for her to do. I went back to work wondering what everyone would say, but they all said it looked really good and glowing, not orange. The rep said that the spray worked with your natural skin tone so if you were pale it wouldn’t change your shade too deeply, only up to 3 shades different. Anyway I was already pretty tanned from 3 months in Florida so I came out quite dark! 
I got home and showered and all the water ran brown lol. I was quite pleased that most of it ran off as it was beginning to make my skin feel dirty. Today is day 3 and the colour has finally settled down and looks more natural and I actually quite like it. Also it hasn’t stained all of my clothes like I thought it would which is good! It is supposed to last 10 days so we’ll see if that’s true next week. I would recommend getting a Fake Bake spray tan if you have a special occasion to go to, but I would suggest getting it done a few days before the occasion rather than the day before or on the day! As it looks very unnatural then, but once it settles, it looks great in my opinion. However I wouldn’t get this done regularly.
So anyway.. here’s my outfit. Although I’m actually also wearing opaque tights and a different top..

Black leotard – New Look
Heart print skirt – Primark
Heart ring – Republic

 My usual make up.
I plaited my now-too-long fringe and pinned it back


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