Cake Decorating Magazine Issue 3 & Baking Bits.. ♥

I didn’t buy issue 2 of Cake Decorating magazine, as the free gift was just some icing bags which I have plenty of already. But this week I picked up issue 3 which came with some alphabet letter embossers. You can read my thoughts on issue 1 here. Issue 1 had an introductory price of only 99p, but it’s now up to £2.99.

Issue 3 came with some bright pink alphabet embossers. They also suggest that you can use them as cutters to cut out tiny letter, but although I haven’t tried this yet, I think that the cutters are too fine and it wouldn’t be an easy job getting the fondant out of the cutter!
The magazine again has basic instructions on how to use the free gift, by making some very cute monogrammed cookies! I wish I could make something so neat. They also had some Bollywood cake design ideas too. Overall, again the magazine was very basic, but hopefully if the free gift works, it won’t be a waste of £2.99. In next weeks issue (4), the free gift will be some pink star shaped cutters, and a ball-ended tool. Again, I don’t think I will need these so I will probably wait and then buy issue 5. Issue 5 will come with a heart shaped cutter, and then 3 embossers. I am also waiting for the cupcake stencils!
I am also planning on doing a bit of baking over Easter, so I bought these cute little pre-made Easter egg toppers! They were 10p each from my local cake craft shop.
I also picked up these really cheap modelling tools on eBay. They came from Hong Kong so have taken about a month to get here, but they’re pink, so I’m happy with them! I’m not really sure what they are all for… I may have to start watching some YouTube tutorials!


  1. April 7, 2012 / 2:28 pm

    I've been collecting these cake magazines too! The icing bag burst on me when i was trying to pipe buttercream but I needed new couplers so I didn't mind either way! I'm mainly going to use these cutters to indent letters in icing. I used them last night to ice my Easter fruit cakes! I bought a set of those tools on eBay too but they haven't arrived yet!

  2. Sam
    April 16, 2012 / 2:26 pm

    Hi Victoria

    What a lovely page you have! I have just signed up to the magazine subscription as i love making cakes, I am terrible at decoarting so i though this would help.

    Do you know where the best place is to order accessories etc.. to help decoarte cakes?

    I live in Holland at the moment so i can't just pick things up, as i don't understand the instructions!

    Thanks for your help

    Sam xx

    • April 16, 2012 / 2:40 pm

      Thank you Sam 🙂 I usually buy my cake decorating bits off ebay, which often come from Hong Kong. Much cheaper than buying from shops! xx

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