Shake Up Your Breakfast with Alpro Tops ♥

I recently received some lovely breakfast goodies as part of the Alpro Tops Shake Up Your Breakfast campaign. Alpro is a yogurt alternative full of soya, and it’s great poured onto fruit and cereal or in shakes and smoothies. It’s a source of healthy protein, calcium and vitamins, and it is lactose and dairy free.
The three flavours of Alpro yogurt I got to try out were strawberry with rhubarb, vanilla, and simply plain. They also do a lemon on lime which sounds nice for summer! Although you can eat the yogurts on their own, where’s the fun in that?! There are loads of things you can mix and match with it, and I received a bundle of different toppings to try (even Merlin was curious!).
The toppings were a mix of seeds, berries, fruit, and even chocolate! I enjoyed being able to try out different toppings and switching between the flavoured yogurt. I think the strawberry and rhubarb one was my favourite! Fruity and sweet, which I topped with chocolate and goji berries… yum! I also really enjoyed the mulberries, pecan, and carnberries. 
A lot of the toppings I hadn’t ever tried before, and I was a little bit wary of trying new things but I didn’t dislike any of them, and it’s fun trying new foods! I also added fresh grapes and strawberries to my yogurt which was delicious! The yogurts are perfect for a simple breakfast or snack, and it’s actually quite enjoyable being able to vary your toppings. Also check out the beautiful tea spoon from Pretty Little Silver, which is made from a vintage silver tea spoon which has then been stamped with a personalised message!
You can win your own personal topping pack here!
Strawberry yogurt, chocolate, and goji berries.
Vanilla yogurt, chia seeds, mulberries and pecan.
Plain yogurt, cranberries and flax seeds

Plain yogurt, red grapes, and coconut
Strawberry yogurt, chocolate and strawberries
Plain yogurt, muesli, and mango cubes
Pretty flowers from Liam

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  1. May 15, 2014 / 10:00 am

    These look delicious! This is definitely making me want to kick-start my healthy eating again haha!
    Ellie |

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