Top Tips for a Cosy Home in Winter *

We’re now all settled into our new house and I’ve been enjoying getting the place all nice and cosy ready for winter! The house is Victorian so the ceilings are really high and we have huge sash windows in each room, which sounds lovely but these quirky characteristics mean that it can get a bit chilly!

We also have wood-effect laminate flooring throughout and minimal insulation in our original slate roof, so we needed to find ways to keep ourselves warm and feeling cosy – especially for winter! I’ve been doing some research on ways to keep the house nice and cosy, so here are my top tips!

Top Tips for a Cosy Home in Winter *

Cosy Living Room Ideas

Our living room has a gorgeous old fireplace but unfortunately they previous owners blocked it up so it can’t be used right now. Hopefully next year we will look at getting it restored so it can be used next winter! Having a roaring open fire in my house is the absolute dream! But until then, the fireplace still makes a nice cosy feature and I’m going to buy some logs to put in the ‘hole’ to give it a realistic look.. it’s not quite got the wow factor but it will do!

We’ve now finished decorating the living room too, so it really feels nice and homely in there. I love getting cosy in there after work, and I feel like the dark feature wall makes the place feel thatlittle bit cosier.

Top Tips for a Cosy Home in Winter * Top Tips for a Cosy Home in Winter *

I also bought some thick lined curtains to go over the bay window which keeps in the warmth and keeps out the cold and any draughts. We have a big thick rug covering most of the living room floor which helps to make the room feel a little warmer, and plenty of cushions and throws also give the place an extra cosy feel! I also love using fairy lights, lamps and candles to create a snug atmosphere… perfect for an evening of relaxing on the sofa!

How to Create a Cosy Bedroom

Dark and chilly evenings mean it’s time for comfy pyjamas, cups of hot chocolate and early nights in a comfy bed. But sometimes it can be difficult to sleep as the weather gets colder – so here are a few ways to help you get the best from your seasonal slumber! If you want to create a cosy bedroom for winter, you might want to invest in a good mattress topper – they’re so comfy and can make your bed feel like new again without needing to splurge on a whole new mattress.

Top Tips for a Cosy Home in Winter *

If you’re starting to feel a chill when you get into bed, you could buy a higher tog duvet to keep you extra snug at night. Bed Guru do duvets that go up to 20 tog! Unwinding after a busy day is much easier if you have a nice cosy bed to come home too – treat yourself to some good quality bedding – you can get thick brushed cotton or even super soft fleece duvet covers which means you’ll probably never want to leave your bed again.

Top Tips for a Cosy Home in Winter *

My Top Bed Time Tips:

  • Put your phone away before bedtime – artificial lighting and electronics prevent the natural sleep-wake cycle and causes your sleep to be interrupted.
  • Put on some fresh clean bedding – you’re likely to get a more comfortable night’s sleep when your bedding has a fresh scent. You could also try using a sleep spray to help you get a peaceful nights sleep.
  • Try not to go to bed stressed – avoid work emails or anything that causes you worry before bedtime and try winding down with a relaxing bath, scented candle or quiet music.
  • Tidy up – a tidy room puts your mind at ease and helps you to get a good sleep.
  • Wear comfortable nightwear – silky PJ’s might be more appealing, but cotton is far more comfy, breathable, and prevents you from waking up drenched in sweat. 
Top Tips for a Cosy Home in Winter *

We recently put up our new curtains in our master bedroom which I’m hoping will also help to keep the room nice and cosy! When we moved in to the house the previous owners left some roller blinds up in this room. The blinds were good at blocking out the light, but I felt they didn’t look great nor did they help to retain heat in the room or keep any draughts out.

These Luna luxury thermal blackout curtains from Julian Charles look so much better than the blinds, and they’re practical too! These eyelet curtains are coated with a thermal treatment which has been specially developed to regulate heat distribution. Therefore the curtains help to keep the room cool in the summer and nice and cosy in the winter.

They also have a luxurious blackout lining to ensure light is kept out at any time of day – which is great for us as there’s a streetlight right outside the window! I also love the duck egg blue colour, although they also come in other shades, and they hang really nicely and make the room feel much more homely. We still need to decorate the bedrooms, but with a few little touches here and there, the place is really coming together!

Do you have any top tips to help stay warm and cosy at home in winter? Leave a comment to share your ideas! 

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